Personalized Video Technology

Personalized Video Technology

Imagine having video taken of you while you fly down the snow hill, or while surfing, or jumping off our 140' tower. All day long, our unique video system will track your amazing moves at any location you designate. At the end of the day you will have a movie about you to share with your friends, family, or even Hollywood!

Tired of having to take pictures and videos of your friends all day? Asking others to take your picture? Sure, you can place a camera on your head, and well, that's wonderful and exciting but still, no video of your adventure for the day.

Using an amazing technology called, "TapeMyDay" this fully automatic video generating system combines state of the art filming technology with innovative software. It can track and trace you even in a disorganized environment. This makes TapeMyDay unique. One camera can track, trace and film a large number of people, simultaneously.

You will be able to upload your video to YouTube, Facebook and - Video Google. Won't your friends be jealous? TapeMyDay is able to automatically recognize and film you during your stay or activity. The system is activated every time you check-in through the film zone. The films are downloaded from a dedicated website and can be used as (1) a memorable souvenir (2) an analysis and training tool for you athletes (3) a great way to show your friends what a stud you really are.

TapeMyDay automatically creates, processes, and distributes a personalized video of your visit. The result is a high definition video as if made by a personal camera crew. The video of up to 30 minutes is ready within 10 seconds and available for download within 24 hours or sooner, depending on the number of daily videos to be processed.

Now you can be the star in your very own Sports Action Adventure Series.