The Xero Gravity Waterpark Adventure

Waterpark Adventure

A Florida Park just wouldn't be complete without the fun of playing in the water with your friends and family. The Xero Gravity Waterpark is filled with waterslides, kid-friendly pools, water cannons, splash buckets, and much, much more.

This is a place to take a break from extreme sports and cool down while having fun, whether it's with your kids, friends, or you just being a kid again.

Adults and kids of all ages are guaranteed to have a blast. Now there's something for everyone to enjoy with our waterpark feature.

This fun-filled adventure awaits you and your family.

The Xero Gravity Lazy River

Lazy River

Get wet and be laid back in our Lazy River. Whether you're surfing or using the waterpark slides, you can hop in the Lazy River which connects to both. Hang out with your friends and family and take in the sun while keeping cool in our beautiful Lazy River.

The Xero Gravity Beach

XG Beach

Need some time out to recharge your batteries? Then come on down to the beach where you can catch some rays and stick your toes in the sand while enjoying a cool drink. Want to make a sand castle or participate in volleyball games? If so, the Xero Gravity Beach is your place to be - just make sure to look out for sharks before you go into the water!