Ziplines / AvatarOne


Experience the Newest Technology in Zipline Adventures (It will take your breath away!)

Instead of the typical zipline where you go from point A to point B, (Ho-Hum), we present AvatarOne™.

AvatarOne is a new breed of Ride & Fly Fast Ziplining. It's a wild adrenaline rush where you bob and weave, and drop & fly! Enjoy the fast freedom of flight as experienced on a zipline, but with the added thrills of roller coaster style drops and turns! The AvatarOne fuses the fast free-flying sensation of a zipline with the vector ups, downs, and turns of a roller coaster, giving the rider the ultimate thrill of flying.

AvatarOne is the result of new, patented technology. Using state-of-the-art materials we have carefully engineered our ride so you can weave safely at full speed through the air like a bird and experience a rush like never before.

Revenue Generators

  • Separate Ticketing Admission
  • Yearly Passes
  • Bird Club