All the Action Sports in One Place

Osceola County and Orlando, Florida are well known as the tourist hub of the world bringing in over 55 million tourists and visitors per year. The Xero Gravity Action Sports & Entertainment Complex will provide action sports activities for guests to participate in and compete at their will. Guests will watch their favorite action sports stars and cheer on their family members and friends as they compete in local competitions or just play like kids. This alone differentiates the complex from the usual theme park offers. No Dark Rides Here!

Demand from the action sports audience continues to grow. Xero Gravity will create multiple media sports programming events and align itself with various media outlets to put on local, regional, national and international events in the various Action Sports categories. The X-Games, Dew Tour, Monster, Red Bull Tour, and other televised action sports events will hold their games in the Sports Complex. The Complex will also hold competitions on a daily and weekly basis at selected venues with competitors departing with medals, trophies, and/or other prizes that will induce return visitation. These competitions will be held at a variety of skill levels, thus opening competition up for a wider range of participants.

The resort not only is a draw for tourists, but will also create a continual stream of local users through the team and competition venues.

National media will be drawn to this resort due to the competitions which will attract millions of T. V. viewers, and corporate sponsors.

Further differentiating Xero Gravity will be the fact that the sport attractions consist of features which allow us to tailor the "thrill" to repeat users and to offer features attractive to participants of all skill levels. Specifically, the "dry slope ski terrain park" can be changed to provide skiers with different experiences on subsequent visits. Also, the ski features will offer slopes from beginning bunny slopes to advanced slopes for very experienced skiers.

The Surfing Venue will also cater to all skill levels. The surfing venues will the Kelly Slater 5 acre “Real Surfing” Surf Park along with training stationary waves to train.

Our ability to offer access to an indoor climate controlled skatepark facility with the features of all three aspects of skateboarding makes us very attractive to both local and non-local visitors who can be assured their visit will not be spoiled by weather of any kind.

Xero Gravity will be more than just a hotel for those seeking lodging, and more than just a sports/amusement park for those looking to play. Add in the shopping, the spa, gym, conference, and concert space, and you have something for almost everyone plus activities targeted to a specific sporting crowd as well.

Special Olympics, Wounded Warrior, Dreams Come True, etc… Xero Gravity will create events and activities especially designed to recognize and facilitate to these individuals. Our on-site trainers and medical personnel will assist and deliver support for individuals who wish to make their dreams come true. Xero Gravity will hold a yearly Special Olympics televised event.

The atmosphere will be a direct reflection of the passion and commitment of the knowledgeable management and staff that will run the complex. This "atmosphere" will be especially important to all segments of the visitors. The sporting crowd will want knowledgeable staff operating the various sports venues. Those visiting the hotel will demand first class resort style services. Xero Gravity's recognition of these facts is reflected in our stated mission, vision, and values and in the objectives of the organization.

Development Information

Site Size
75+ acres

Estimated delivery date
Spring 2017

Estimated development cost
$300+ million

Corporate Expansion Plans
5 additional parks globally.

Admission Pricing

Not everyone wants to surf or ski, so our basic admission into the Park will be a low $35 and will provide guests with access to many activities such as the pools, restaurants, bars, lazy river, rock climbing, sports & music shows, the Hall of Fame, snow club, dodgeball, Spa services, retail areas, and many other entertainment and sports activities.

For those who wish to “do it all” additional fees will be charged to users according to specific activities chosen, such as skiing, surfing, sky diving or BMX. Rates are based on daily/multi-day passes and on desired level of sports venue access.